Reduced Scripts Savings Card


Becoming a cardholder is entirely free, and you will never be charged to remain a member. Once you receive your Reduced Scripts Savings Card, you can begin using it immediately. Your new card can be used to subsidize any FDA approved generic or brand name prescription medication, and you will always receive the lowest price available. The cost of your medication is determined by selecting the lower price between the U&C (usual and customary) price, and our own contract price.

Save 75 % off the cost of generic prescriptions
Pay lowest price available for generic and brand name prescription medications
The card is free and comes already activated
Use your card at over 60,000 participating pharmacies
Save on diabetic supplies with a doctor’s prescription

How Does the Card Work?

Reduced Scripts has negotiated pricing for every FDA approved generic and branded prescription drug. Just print a card below and find pharmacies near you. You can even compare pricing at your local pharmacies to get the best price.

Once you print your card, it’s ready to be used! There’s no need to activate it over the phone.

Using our pharmacy locator tool, participants can find stores in their area that accept the Reduced Scripts Savings card. With over 60,000 partners, finding a pharmacy close to you will be easy.

To make it even easier for our card holders to find the best prices on their prescriptions, we also offer a prescription price comparison tool. By entering your location and prescription needs into our site, you can review and compare the cost of your medication at different pharmacies.

Now that you know which nearby pharmacy offers the lowest price on your prescription, it’s time to fill it! Just take your prescription and your card to the pharmacy you’ve selected to receive your discount.


To print your free Reduced Scripts Savings Card, please enter your name below (First and Last), press the “Create Card” button, and then print and cut out your card.

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Prescription medications save lives and play an important role in maintaining one’s overall health. Obtaining prescription medications conveniently and at the lowest price is a priority for everyone. The Reduced Scripts Savings Card is accepted at over 60,000 participating pharmacies and saves an average of 40% across generic and name brand medications.  If you need additional information, please contact us.  If you prefer that we respond to you by phone, please include that information in the Message box.

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